Love like you'll never be hurt.

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Man tits….

 edited Kaidan a little bit, plus blended him a new body skin…

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Hi, Where you got the download of hair of this sims /post/78760141518/owo , you can me pass the link for download ? Thanks

Here <3

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thecnih replied to your post: my bae, Kaidan Alenko.. I’m so in love…

Omg I need to go home. I can’t even compare how amazing this is to my crap.

Shut up, you’re amazing. 

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my bae, Kaidan Alenko.. I’m so in love with him that i had to create him in sims lol

I don’t know who else here plays MassEffect apart from TheCnih 

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Hi, thanks for following me, I love your sims :3

Anytime <3 Thanks. 

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Your sims are gorgeous...

Thanks bby <3

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Silver with no makeup. 
I blended the skin she’s using for Nilin/Himiko but it didn’t look good on her so i used it on Silver. I was thinking of sharing her skin but it still needs some fixing. 

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After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers.

Sure! But i’m only sharing 7 facts. 


I’m a boss ass

1- Bitch.
2- Bitch

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Are you my mummy?

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I just wanted u to know that baby u da best :)

Love youuu <33

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