Love like you'll never be hurt.

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why are you leaving?

My life’s become a mess. I seriously can’t take it anymore.. However, my blog will remain there. Just in case anyone wanted to download something. I don’t know when i’m coming back.. Maybe when things get to be less complicated and odd for me. For now, fare you well all. 

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  • Subtitle : Pumpkin pants and skirts
  • Mesh by JEB
  • Do not redistribute to other sites
  • Do not use without permission of the mesh
  • Download
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estatica’s Urban Deco Items set


  • Advertising Column
  • Information Stand
  • News Stand


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thecnih replied to your post: anonymous asked:What skintones do…

ugh it’s perf…just perf XD

xD Thank you <3

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That was kind of disappointing, but thanks for answering though! ^^

Aw i’m sorry <3 And no problem. 

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What skintones do you use because lawddddddd.

A custom skin blend that i made for personal use <3   

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Is there any chance that you wold ever be willing to put Virgil up for download or share him privately for use in game? *puppy eyes*

I’m really sorry <3 I’m afraid i can’t. 

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'Don't forget me..'

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Bella Freud Sweaters.package

All Recolourable + Gradient & Basic Options + Much Smaller File Size!

mega | dropbox

mesh: AAS + Sentate textures

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