Love like you'll never be hurt.

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hoooooooooooooo :*

Bby ho <33 :*

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Is Miranda available for download? She's gorgeoussss...😵😵😵

She will be soon enough c: Along with a couple of simmies.. Hopefully 

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New poses for Download

Hey everyone. So today, I’m releasing four bathtub poses for your female sims. These were inspired by Hyuna’s A Talk teaser photos (x). This can be a 2000 followers gift from me, I guess. But I have another pose pack I wanted to upload for that. So stayed tuned~

I know some people hate waiting for their pose list to load, I know I do. So I included a non list file and a .txt file. 
P.S: You may need to use OMSP for these poses.


Other CC:
Get the bathtub here (x)

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Just a quick pic of Cass because I love that hair and that Monster outfit. :3

<3 Bb

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turn your location on I WANNA FITE *hand clap emoji*

Fight me irl

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americansims replied to your post: I made a slug pose..

People follow you cos you’re a Mesopotamian thot

You thot <3 

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simster-nation replied to your post: anonymous said:*line up all of yo…

Mhm. Yup. Too many beautiful boys. You’re too perfect.

Love you <3 It means a lot! 

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*line up all of your sims, shirtless* THIS IS THE REASON *points to you* AND THIS IS THE CAUSE

Lmao.. Oh you <3

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thecnih replied to your post: It’s kinda dead around here these days..

yes! ikr


i feel lonely and excluded

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I made a slug pose..

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