The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

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*takes off clothes* I'll do it mahself

I feel sexually harassed but ily so it’s ok

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You're a thot demon. get naked

Ruuuude! Ever thought of playing nice every once in a while? Ask me nicely and i will. 

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*knocks on your life gently* hai :3 after following you for a little while, I just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with yours sims and your work. :) i'm kinda new in here, and not very... proficient with sim making, let's say it like this. Still learning my ways, finding my own style. I just hope one day I can get to half of your tallent. Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming and absorbing some inspiration from all your cuteness! *kisses your cheek and poofs away* =(^-^)=

Aw you’re such a sweetheart <3 Thank you so much. Trust me, practice makes perfect.. That’s all you need, keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time <3

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New Kai!

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Maergery Tyrell / Game of Thrones

Genetics / Make-up (items with a * are included)

Clothing (items with a * are included)

DOWNLOAD (.sim): Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sim) BG-Only Clothes: Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack): Mediafre

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack) BG-Only Clothes: Mediafire

SLIDERS X3 (Included, I absolutely do not take credit for creating the sliders but I have included them to make it easier. All sliders used in my game are listed on my resources page.)

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Mass Effect 3 Weapons Conversion

Here, have some weapons i’ve converted from Mass Effect 3 to Sims 3.


M-6 Carnifex
Polycount: 6186 vertices 6198 faces
Cloned from basegame bracelet. To find in the bracelet section.

M-76 Revenant
Polycount: 6317 vertices 6321 faces
Cloned from basegame bracelet. To find in the bracelet section.

I may recommend you to use MasterController.

Mesh/Texture credits goes to Bioware!

If you use my creations, please tag/credit me.

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tumblinrob replied to your post: WIPExperimenting with something slight…

"Slightly different" like clothes? ;)

Exactly ;)

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I never knew i could be thirsty over a collection of pixels i h8 u (ily)

;) Ey’
 <3 Love you too

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